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Soundminer V5 Pro - REVIEW

Soundminer V5 Pro - at first glance

Written by AVO SOUND - see original article here

Soundminer V5 Pro interface with the new filter search window

When you open Soundminer V5 Pro for the first time, you might think you've just opened the old version of Soundminer V4.5 Pro by accident. This is understandable, as the interface is almost unchanged. However, a quick look at the title bar will tell you that this is indeed version 5.

Most of the new features and changes are only evident on second glance, mainly the new icons in the symbol bar and the expanded title bar in the browser window that now includes search options.

Soundminer V5 Pro - 64 bit and cross-platform technology

Under the hood, Soundminer V5 Pro is now fully compatible with 64-bit technology, which will make your cutting-edge operating system happy (and stop it from reminding you to upgrade your software).

In addition, Soundminer V5 Pro contains new technologies that make Soundminer's source text cross-platform compatible. This is of particular interest to Windows users, because features and functions no longer need to be built twice. While the future direction of this is still unknown, it is definitely good news for Windows users.

Soundminer V5 Pro Filter Search

Soundminer V5 Pro with the Filter Search window
Clicking onto the first switch in the title bar of the Soundminer browser will open the new Filter Search window. Filter Search allows you to click search the metadata. This is very useful if you want to comb through countless sounds. The drawback, however, is that large databases with thousands of files will yield very long lists of results. It would be great to be able to search through categories.

Soundminer V5 Pro - Tag to Database

This feature will appeal to those who have so far been working with playlists or spotting folders. Tag to Database is a kind of brainstorming feature that allows you to collect sounds for a specific project or purpose. All you need to do is create a new database. If you now search for potential sounds in your archives, you can easily select them and send them to a new 'collection database' via the Tag to Database feature. Later on, you will be able to work with this selection without having to drag around 100,000 other files.

This is ideal for users who like to make lists of sounds. 

The Radium Sampler from Soundminer V5 Pro

Soundminer V5 Pro with the built in Radium Sampler

The new Radium sampler is easily one of the most remarkable novelties in Soundminer V5 Pro, bound to make every sound designer's heart beat faster. Clearly, the developers put a lot of hard work into this tool.

The Radium sampler sports all the features a sound designer could ask for - including direct import from your sound archive so you can play around and/or create new sounds.

-With Soundminer V5 Pro you can import into the Radium sampler directly from the Soundminer browser with one click.

-There are 5 sampler slots (i.e. audio tracks) available that can process sound material independently of each other. Each sampler slot contains all necessary parameters that are required for sound design work: slowing down sounds (or speeding them up) over several octaves; a fine-tuner; envelope and envelope curve processing; level and gain functions including attack, sustain, release values; a modulator as well as lots of built-in effects like compressor, bass enhancer, shifter, phaser... Whatever you desire!

V5Pro Coming....

It isn't just a matter of going 64 bit, although that is a huge undertaking, but V5Pro will feature the coolest inline Sampler made for sound designer!

Soundminer, 64bit and Apple's next OS

Soundminer, 64bit and Apple's next OS

If you see this, here is why…

If you're running macOS 10.13.4 or later, starting April 12 at midnight local time, if and when you launch a 32-bit application, you'll get this notification above. You'll only ever get the notification once — the first time you launch the 32-bit app.  Apple is beginning to warn users that it plans to stop supporting 32 bit altogether, likely by the next OS.


We’ve been hard at work porting code to 64bit for significant release before the next major Mac OS update which is expected in the fall of 2018.  Soundminer desktop products, however, are still 32bit applications and for some valid reasons: Up until now there hasn’t been a real need for 64 bit because Soundminer doesn’t need or use much memory for instance, and it allowed the use of legacy plugins and older file formats that 64bit will no longer support.  And so our plan is to meet the coming Apple OS change with a 64 bit set of applications as soon as we can. Moving to 64bit isn’t a simple toggle of a switch however. It will necessitate some significant work but we plan to have some great new additions even if we have to say goodbye to those legacy provisions (be advised any of you with older plugins and SD2 files!)