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Interview with acclaimed Sound Designer, Dave Farmer and how V5Pro figures in his creative process

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90 day fully functional trials are available from our demo page if you need to work from home.  v5 Standard and v5 Pro run on macOS 10.9-10.15, if you need an HD or HDPlus version that runs on 10.15 or would like to test our next generation Windows product that runs the Radium Sampler, please contact sales@soundminer.com

Recent Interviews...

Sound Designer Tim Walston on using Soundminer v5Pro's built in sampler, Radium, for Sound Design. Read More...

Also read the David Farmer interview here.

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What is Soundminer?

It is an advanced search engine for both Macintosh and Windows users, a highly advanced batch conversion engine, an integrated metadata management tool, an advanced sound design tool, a DSP processing host, a scalable server for multiple users, a web publishing vehicle, and a tracking and metrics system, and it is a companion product designed to work directly with the most popular production tools in the industry.

In short, Soundminer products are indispensable workflow tools for audio professionals and supported by thousands of users and the biggest content creators throughout the world.

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