Version 6.1 now available

FREE upgrade for all 6.0 owners or go to your HELP>Release Info menu to get it....

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Soundminer V6....

Entire line goes through a make over with exciting new features.

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Universal Category System

The Universal Category System (UCS) is a public domain initiative by Tim Nielsen, Justin Drury of Soundminer, Kai Paquin, among others, and supported by sound librarians, vendors, and users from around the globe...


Radium Sampler

Interview with acclaimed Sound Designer, Dave Farmer and how V5Pro figures in his creative process

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Soundminer Web

All the great features and more in a web browser

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Cloud expansion for your V5 software....

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The HELP>Release Info menu of your current V6 product provides access to downloads. Also, see your original email which contains a specialized link for you. Otherwise, Contact support with your ilok user id or your sales order number. You cannot obtain downloads from this site. Those looking for trials and have an Ilok user id, can visit our TRIAL page.

V6 is here....

See the front banner for information and note any new(not upgrade) purchase made from Nov. 1, 2022 onward is eligible for a free upgrade to V6. *Standard product users noted that we have discontinued the product in consolidating the product line. Those who have V5 Standard are eligible for a free cross grade to V6 PLUS in lieu of the change. Anyone who purchase a new V5 Standard license after Nov. 1, are entitled to V6 PLUS and the Server client add-on. Contact if you have any questions about the changes.

Soundminer Masterclass

Supervising Sound Editor Tim Nielsen has worked on a very comprehensible set of instruction video's(over 15 hours) breaking down almost every feature in v5Pro except for Radium. The price is very reasonable, and while a lot of it is specific to v5Pro, a lot applies to all our products check it out...

Radium Video Tutorials Available

Tim Nielsen has expanded his in depth tutorial series to include Radium(Soundminer's built in Sampler). Some sample video's are available. The course includes over 50 videos and nearly 14 hours of instruction, including some example design videos.

Soundminer Upgrades now available...

If you have moved to MAC 10.15 or higher, your license may require an upgrade...Upgrades to both our macOS and Windows products are now available.  64bit compatibility and much more. 

4.5 Standard Upgrade(From $99 USD) 

4.5 Pro Upgrade(From $150 USD)

Basic Upgrade(Mac/Windows - From $69 USD)

Plus Upgrade(Mac/Windows - From $99 USD)

Other upgrades available from the "Shop Products" menu.  Trials for most products are also available(requires a physical iLok key)

If you are an existing user, feel free to try a trial before upgrading.  The new versions leave your existing install as is. (Exception being Nuendo SKI Extension which was re-written and is a separate installer)

Recent Interviews...

Sound Designer Tim Walston on using Soundminer v5Pro's built in sampler, Radium, for Sound Design. Read More... 

Also read the David Farmer interview here.

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How do I get a download?

Contact support with your ilok user id or your sales order number. Current versions have access in the Help menu. You cannot download from this site.

Sound Editors

If you are sound editor, designer, have a read through the linked page and if you have further questions send us an email at

Music Creators/Publishers

If you are a music creator/publisher and need to know more about Soundminer, then click through to read more about the services we offer.

What is Soundminer?

It is an advanced search engine for both Macintosh and Windows users, a highly advanced batch conversion engine, an integrated metadata management tool, an advanced sound design tool, a DSP processing host, a scalable server for multiple users, a web publishing vehicle, and a tracking and metrics system, and it is a companion product designed to work directly with the most popular production tools in the industry.

In short, Soundminer products are indispensable workflow tools for audio professionals and supported by thousands of users and the biggest content creators throughout the world.

Our users include:  Sound Editors, Music Editors, Content creators, Music Publishers, Composers, Broadcasters, Audio Studios, Gamers, Radio stations, and Film and TV studios.