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Soundminer makes several product, each designed for a specific need.  Here's a quick overview:

Soundminer V6 Basic/Plus/Pro
V6 is a modular platform that provides options allowing one to purchase lower cost versions and upgrade up through to Pro.  The product starts at $199 and offers a series of modular upgrades that allow you to add things like cross platform compatibility, server connectivity and a full complement of Pro features found in our V6Pro flagship. All version can be purchases as MAC only, WIN only or Universal(which allows you to run the license on either platform).
Soundminer Server
This allows users with Server equipped clients(Pro and Plus with Server Client module) to share centralized databases. The Server comes in Lite, Basic and Enterprise editions. the SM server does not include any client licenses and needs to be installed on a separate machine on your LAN in between clients.
Musicminer Web Portal
This adds a web interface to the Soundchute platform and incorporates many of our search advances into an easy to use web interface ideal for distribution.
This is a cloud based platform that allows users to make available and distribute their files to the worldwide web. The Web Portal product can be installed on this platform and be set up to, not only for provide a front-facing searchable web interface, but also a distribution mechanism for your files. With the DLmanger, it provides Soundminer level conversion on the fly across the internet.

Below are more links, movies and information to better help people determine which product is right for them. All Soundminer desktop products are licensed via a supported usb dongle.  Supported key platforms are ILOK, Codemeter or Hasp HL.

See video tutorials at our Youtube channel.

Soundminer Basic/Plus
Basic is a lower cost, 'best of’ product that start at $199. Basic includes key search feature and is offered in MAC, Windows or in ‘Universal’ version. The interface is exactly the same regardless of platform and modular upgrade options allow for full scalability.

Who is Basic ideal for? - For anyone. It is a fully professional product, but the most likely users are sound editors/designers who don't need all the 'extras' in our PLUS/PRO products, video editors working with AVID or Final Cut, music supervisors tired of wading through iTunes, smaller facilities looking to get a great search and database tool but don't have the budget or need to buy PRO. The product line starts off with Basic for a single platform at $199, moves to PLUS for $399, and then one can add Server connectivity to PLUS($200) or the ProPack($300) for extra sound processing options. At any point you can make the license Universal(licensed for both Mac and PC) for $100. Best of all, upgrades to the next level are always just the difference in price!

Request a demo here: DEMO

Soundminer V6 PRO

This has always been our flagship product. And now, with V6 it is available in either MAC or Windows or both. It is the first choice of top sound editors and designers for its rich set of features as well as the first choice among content creators for its vast metadata features. Those wishing to have more advanced control over metadata, file exporting, conversion and project management should consider PRO. PRO is ideal for sound editors/designer or content managers who need more control over metadata and import/export of metadata to other formats. Sound Designers will appreciate the DSPRack, muti-channel and Radium Sampler features. And Music and Sound Effect Publishers/Content Creators looking to enrich their files can use either to embed their files, not only with Soundminer's noted metawrapper, but to create files that are compatible with BWAV Bext, iXML, Adobe XMP and id3 systems(iTunes, WMP, etc.) PRO has advanced batch conversion facilities and when combined with Publisher module can be further extended to support AAF.MXF formats for AVIDs. All major Sound Effect and Production Music Libraries now offer their files embedded with Soundminer enriched metadata. And PRO can also ingest directly from most field recorders. You need only copy the files off hard drives and drag them onto Soundminer products and instantly get enriched metadata including artwork and lyrics.

Soundminer Web Portal (Musicminer)
Designed originally to help those will large music based catalogues to share them easily with a web browser, this product has grown into a formidable production tool used by many of the largest broadcast facilities in the world. The Soundminer Web Portal leverages our technologies and easily allows facilities, studios, publishers and content creators to create easy access to their assets using simple browsers. The feature set is very advanced, allowing many of the search and database routines developed by Soundminer from within this easy to use environment. Complete permission control by user or group, advanced metric collection and reporting, easy cue sheet creation for usage and advanced project and downloading features come standard.

Who is 'Musicminer' ideal for? - Anyone wishing to add a second layer of users to their internal facility, online content creators or publishers wishing to provide an advanced production tool for discovery, searching and downloading and even music companies wishing to to allow easy access to their material, all could benefit from this technology. Paired with Soundchute, a content creator can easily distribute their content around the world.

Soundminer Server

Soundminer Server is an extension of our desktop products. It allows multiple clients to share centralized databases. It further allows larger facilities to control access and to tie into more Enterprise access like Open, LDAP and Active Directory. Server does not include any clients applications, but rather, adds components and features that extend the feature set of attached Server equipped clients. This mean PRo or PLUS with the Server client Module add-on. Also Lite editions of the Server exist for smaller set ups. The SM daemon is currently MAC only but we are working on transitioning this like our desktops to be platform blind.


This takes your work and pushes it to the cloud. Soundchute is a new cloud based option for Soundminer desktop users that allows them to leverage work done in their local copy for the purpose of distribution, remote searching sharing and delivery. It could be used simply as backup and a remote service allowing you to use your files when not at your location, or it could be used to distribute your files to other users, or to act as a source for a web front end (either our web portal or one you create yourself), or a custom Soundminer distributable application that would allow others to search and share your content. Contact steve@soundminer.com for more info.

Soundminer Utilities
Mp3Converter - is a batch mp3 converter that creates mirrored copies of uncompressed database files. Requires Mac OS 10.7+. Mp3converter works directly with our desktop products in allowing easy batch conversion from lossless (BWAV, AIFF) formats to any version of mp3 while keeping all the Soundminer, iTunes id3 metadata, artwork and lyrics intact in the transfer. Mp3Converter allows for mirroring of the folder structure so users can create exact images in mp3 format, easily.