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We've been around since 2002 but with more than 50 years of combined experience as sound editors, composers and facility managers. 

The Soundminer Audio File Management System was released commercially in January of 2002. However, it had been in use by a select group of post audio and music facilities since 1998. And the principals of the company bring over 50 years of combined experience as sound designers, composers and facility managers to the development of Soundminer.

Soundminer began when we, like so many audio professionals, became disenchanted with the audio file management paradigms being offered. They were either modified off-the-shelf database programmes originally intended for traditional office work, or they were mouse-click intensive stock network browsers that simply could not navigate through hundreds of thousands of search returns with any kind of speed. In our opinion, all these paradigms made too many compromises where it really counts - speed. And as a result, we set out, quite by necessity rather than design, to "build a better mousetrap."

We are very proud of the fact that Soundminer has consistently led this industry in innovations and features: all-in-one application, editable and zoom-able waveforms right in the Browser, a specialized database structure designed for sound editors, dynamic databasing, VST plug-in support, multi-channel file support, a high resolution playback and conversion engine (24bit/192khz), embedded metadata and editor, multi-channel ReWire support, multi-channel re-recording functionality, embedded picture support, multi-field metadata wrappers, highly advanced database and server options, the music library initiative and the list goes on..........

Our customers include some of the most recognized people in the industry and some of the most recognized facilities, publishers and sound personnel in the world and that list is growing everyday. READ OUR NEWS

Soundminer makes product solutions that span the industry from single user environments to Enterprise facilities to Cloud paradigms.


Soundminer makes desktop, server, web and cloud software in varying packages for different types of users.  Soundminer isn't just one product or package.  We work with both the end user as well as the content creator to provide solutions for their audio workflow problems.  We interface with a number of the industry's leading applications like Pro Tools,  AVID, Final Cut,  Logic, Pyramix and Nuendo. We also provide a myriad of input utilities that allow users to convert data in spreadsheet format - ie. text sheets, EXCEL,  SQL, CSV, and Audio CDs into enriched sound files.

We address a varied number of users and scenarios as well as the content creators themselves  At the core, is our metadata chunk capabilities.  We read many open standard chunks(BEXT, mp3 id3, iXML, etc.) and have created our own to expand on the limitation of the ones that are open and in so doing the 'database always travels with the file."  All ingestion is done by simple drag and dropping. 

We have worked tirelessly with the production music community to better provide tools that both address their needs and stretch the boundaries of traditional music searching.  From file creation, conversion through to distribution, Soundminer leads the industry in software solutions.

Contact sales@soundminer.com for more information.

*Soundminer Inc. is a Canadian corporation and as such any tax liabilities for purchases made outside of our jurisdiction are assumed by the end user.