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UCS - Universal Category System



Soundminer have now implemented the Universal Sound Effects Category system into their latest desktop applications. Born out of a collaboration between Soundminer's Justin Drury and noted Supervising Sound Editor, Tim Nielsen, and helped on by many audio professionals, the Universal Category System (UCS) was an idea that dates back some time and attempts to create a metadata standard for categories used in professional sound.  Many top sound professionals have lent their expertise and suggestions along the way. By creating a standard, new sounds can be integrated into search/database applications quickly and seamlessly and, by creating file naming standards, instant working metadata can be extracted in the process...even in multiple languages!

The UCS allows for assignment of categories on the go, as well as extracting categories and subcategories from a structured file name. The Category ID key further allow for instant translation into other languages and back.

Watch the version 8.0 presentation here:


Watch an in depth breakdown of the integration into Soundminer


The category list is publicly available for anyone to implement.

Soundminer's Script Engine and its Workflow features have made much of the UCS possible whether inputting or integrating sounds.  And the UCS is now available within Soundminer's new PLUS version, both Mac and Windows versions, as well as our noted V5 and V5Pro versions. 

Watch advanced use of the UCS system within Soundminer where vendor cloud content can auto populate your metadata....


FX Creators - FX creators who wish to use their Soundminer v5Pro or the new Plus 64x to upload UCS metadata, must first tell us what’s in the Soundminer Manufacturer field(case sensitive).  Once we have that in place, we create a special file that unlocks part of the application allowing you to upload fingerprinted metadata for our mutual customers to use.