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Soundminer V6 PRO

$899.00 USD
Soundminer V6 PRO

Soundminer V6 PRO

$899.00 USD

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Soundminer V6 PRO (starting at $899USD) the flagship of Soundminer's next generation consolidated 64 bit products with with support for Apple Silicon & Intel Native Universal Binary for Windows. Both platform and modular feature options are offered: Versions come in single platform (Mac only or Windows only) or Universal (the ability to run on either platform) for $100 more. At any point, a user can upgrade to the next level for the difference in price (within the same version). Existing V6Pro users can use options herein to add Universality after the fact as well.

V6 highlights include Tabbed searching, assignable key command controls, includes a new AAX based Monitor plug-in allowing up to 7.1 streams routed directly into the DAW and a Radium AAX plug-in allowing you to put our industry leading Sound design engine directly into the Pro Tools environment, includes Xray Waveforms, and exciting new advances in the Radium feature set. To see a full list of the exciting new V6 features see our V6 announcement

Server connectivity and ProPack with Radium is included in Soundminer V6 Pro.

All desktop software requires the presence of one of the supported USB dongle systems - ILOK or Codemeter(CM) keys. We do not resell ILOK keys.  ILOK Cloud is supported. A user must have an ILOK account in order to select this option and nothing is shipped and downloads are electronic.  When choosing the Codemeter option, the cost of a Codemeter key ($80USD) is added to the price and a shipping estimate is calculated at check out.  HASP HL keys are no longer sold or supported(users with these older keys must move to Codemeter going forward). 

MAC support for this product starts at 10.14 and supports Apple silicon systems and hardware. Windows 10/11 supported.

Soundminer V6 PRO replaces V5Pro and our legacy HDPlus 32 bit product and PLUS 64 products.