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In addition to our desktop and cloud products, we do make a few highly specialized tools for the production music industry:

Soundchute-Web Portal - A yearly fee gets you scalable cloud hardware, maintenance free software upgrades, plus Soundminer’s exceptional software v5 software. The site can be customized for branding and logos and the publisher has full control over content and reporting from the site.  Cue sheeting, video synchronization, granular permission control, playlist distribution all included. Fees are based on size and options for the site.

Based on our existing Web Portal technology, this cloud hosting service allows publishers and content creators to leverage their local work up into the cloud complete with an advanced web search engine that can be customized and features our new DLmanager.  The DLmanager is a freeware tool that accelerates user downloads and converts to multiple file formats live, including AVID AAF/MXF file format.

A special local version of the Web Portal is available also for in-house installations and can be added to an existing Soundminer Server setup, allowing clients on v Series, HD series and Web to share the same assets.  Contact sales@soundminer.com for pricing and info.


AAF Publisher Module - This is an yearly add-on module for anyone with v4.5pro.  It is designed to allow batch mirroring of your files to AAF(AVID Media Composer files).  This very specialized feature allows the metadata in your Soundminer files to be translated and appear in an AVID bin. The result is that your hard work will appear in your editor’s bin and that rich metadata is not only critical for searching, but also for cuesheets:

HD publisher - Soundminer now offers publishers a customized Hard Drive application based on our new HD model.  Branded with your logo, colours and preferences, the HD Publisher product will work off of any hard drive and provide instant search, audition and transfer from the publisher's supplied hard drive. In addition,  the HD product now features the advanced 3D graphical Launch pad and live Filter feature from the HD product. HD publisher can be fitted with specialized AVID transfer features so your hard work metadata can be pushed into the AVID Media Composer. And best of all,  the HD publisher product collect important metrics and stores it for the publisher on the hard drive. And don’t want to send out drive? Cloud streaming is now in the works!

AAF SuperCuesheet - With the use of AAF files in a Media Composer environment, an AAF sequence can be exported and ingested and a full cuesheet drawn from the metadata that originally went into the AVID.  Wanna see? Check out our Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF-6xtJwdLc

For more information contact sales@soundminer.com