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Upgrade your HD Plus to V6

$199.00 USD
Upgrade your HD Plus to V6

Upgrade your HD Plus to V6

$199.00 USD

Please provide your ILOK user ID below. The User ID is the name with which you sign into your iLok license manager account.

Please note that ILOK attempts an automatic deposit, but in some cases, will require manual processing and in those cases, will be fullfilled during business hours.

A link to upgrade intructions will be provided after checkout

If you have added a new $80USD codemeter USB key to your order. Shipping costs will be calculated when you check out.


This upgrade is only for those who have the legacy HDPlus product. Look at your ilok license named.  If it has an 'HD' in the name, this is the correct option.  If your license is named, 'Soundminer Plus' that is a V5 era product and you need to use the V5 Plus upgrade option.

Upgrade assumes a same for same license in the upgrade.  In other words, if your original HD Plus license was MAC only, the upgrade covers the same license applied to the new V6 platform.  


V6 Announcement

Please note:

*For those who own HDplus with the original ProPack, you must select the PLUS with New ProPack option to upgrade both.


***You will be required to rescan your databases if moving from HD Plus which is a 32 bit application to the new SM PLUS which is a 64 bit application. Make sure you have embedded all your audio files and that all files have proper extensions.

Server option remains unchanged at this time.