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Music Publishers and Content Creators

Soundminer is has long been recognized for its work and features in metadata management.  Our v4pro flagship product and Mp3Converter Utility are used extensively by this industry to internally manage their files, tag, enrich and modify their metadata and to batch convert it to formats used by the industry at large. Extensive features including import/export of text, batch tagging, extensive modification control, and the ability to embed metadata in several formats to best distribute files for use in many different platforms is why these two products are the ‘GO TO’ products for Publishers and Music creators.  In addition,  Soundminer offers the ability to control publishing of content via its Web Portal software.  This software leverages the work done on the files to make it easily available as part of your web site and internal facility.  Soundminer also makes an advanced Cuesheet maker that reads industry EDLs and can electronically submit cuesheets to ASCAP/BMI.

Products to consider:
V4pro - MAC ONLY - main product for managing master file formats and metadata and includes full batch conversion facilities. It can be directly connected to the web portal so as you make changes they are reflected instantly on your outward facing portal.

Can I not use a cheaper product than V4pro?
Yes, you can.  HDplus and V4 standard allow text import and simple manual editing of metadata, but they do not provide processes like Copy, Append, Prepend, Set, Add numbers, Find and Replace, Regex, Script Engine customizations, Auto BPM or Key detection and more....

Mp3converter - MAC only - add-on utility (stand alone or with v4pro) that batch converts your master file format to any flavour of mp3 while retaining the exact folder structure, artwork and metadata in the process.

Soundminer Web Portal(Musicminer) - advanced web software that can be installed on your master servers, locally or remotely and can provide a fully customizable web front end to distribute your tracks.  APIs exist to allow it to be integrated into your site as well.  Musicminer has many advanced search options, easy to use drag and drop playlists, many sharing options that allow you or your clients to share playlists or selections, option for Cuesheets, Ecom and licensing and mobile interfacing.  For those who would rather we host it for them, we offer this as well!  Also see the product tour page

CueManager - add-on to the web portal that enables broadcast cuesheet creation with EDL import from AVID, Pro Tools and Final Cut.  Cuemanager also leverages the metadata work on your site to auto-fill the Composer and Publisher information on recognized tracks in the cuesheet and can electronically deliver a final validated cuesheet to ASCAP’s RapidCue system.

ECOM/Licensing - Musicminer can be fitted with this option for those wishing to sell directly on the web or even for those who wish to have an advanced licensing module.  This allows clients to convert a playlist for licensing, pick their preferred licensing options from a rate card and submit it.

Mobile Interfacing - This is not just an optimization for your site, but an actual dedicated interface for all phones and tablets that allows users to do almost all the same functions they would when connected to the site via a standard desktop browser.

Contact steve@soundminer.com for more info

For more info on our metadata standard, read the Metadata Initiative we publish and if you need help,  we can do that as well....

With the Soundminer's Toolset (v4pro and mp3Converter) you can manage, modify and output your master files as well as mp3 versions complete with enriched metadata in both the Soundminer wrapper as well as other industry chunks like the id 3 standard and the Broadcast Wave BEXT standard.  Soundminer manages it all and allows you to maximize your compatibility whether your files are destined for AVIDs, Final Cut Stations,  iTunes, Pro Tools or other industry applications.

See our Services page for more info.