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Soundminer Basic and Plus are now 64bit, and ready for the newest operating systems. Here is just a short list of the key improvements.

  • 64 bit application - new code, rewritten, meant to take advantage of new OS developments as well as things we’ve been germinating on.
  • New search methods - new left panel Filter Search, chained search pills, all improve upon our industry leading search engine.
  • Speed Improvements(Scanning, waveform zooming, etc) - 64 bit allows us to go in and optimize things making all these functions quicker and taking advantage of new hardware improvements.
  • Updated UI - we took the opportunity to improve, but not drastically change what has become a comfortable tool for many.
  • User Experience improvements, including custom database ordering, field ordering. Little, but important things.
  • Mini Waveforms and Metadata Workflows bought down from the V5Pro version!
  • UCS Support in PLUS - the Universal Category System is now fully integrated into our PLUS and V5 products.
  • Supports Catalina - MAC OS 10.15

BASIC and PLUS can be purchases as MAC only, Windows only or Universal which allows a user to operate on either MAC or Windows. To help better understand the growing feature set, we’ve created online resources on our youtube.com/soundminer channel to take you through the improved new interface and options. 

Basic ($199 for single platform, $299 for Universal) includes a bevy of new items including Spot to timeline, the left pane search, watched folders, and database and field ordering.

Plus ($399 for single platform, $499 for Universal) add an expanded project management pane like in V5, The same Metadata Workflow pane as in V5Pro along with UCS support and its modular, so you can add a Server connector if using it with Soundminer Server (+$200) and/or the new 64 bit ProPack with Radium (+$300). This add our notable VST rack, now with AU support, and the Radium Sampler to the platform allowing you to have the same advances found on our V5Pro platform.

Gallium Package - This is a combination of PLUS with the Server, ProPack and Radium add ons.  And you can even add Universal so you have all these new advances on both Mac and Windows.

Upgrades from our HD platform are also available from our SHOP.

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