Soundminer Web Portal (Musicminer)

The Soundminer Web Portal or 'Musicminer' allows the expansion of a Soundminer asset management system for web distribution. MusicMiner allows you to easily add web access to your shared databases from both within your facility and from outside.  And its is fully customizable.  Make it your own!!  Soundminer’s Web Portal product brings numerous V4 advances to the Web - built in waveform overviews, large detailed artwork, flexible drag and drop operations, V4’s advanced MetaBrowser and advanced librarian pages, user selectable column display, advanced logging and a lot more.....

Requirements:Linux Server or Macintosh computer to act as server (MAC OS 10.6.8 or higher - intel hardware required) and you need to have at least one V4Pro license installed to act as the librarian - web clients can be any platform using current Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer Browsers.

You can purchase the software or pay for it as a service.  Each module allows up to ten concurrent users on the distributed site and it is for one site only.  If customer need higher concurrency, they simply order more modules (2 modules allows for up to 20 users, 3 modules allows 30 users, etc.).  Software as a service includes unlimited or open license on concurrency but is a monthly fee. 

In addition, a user would need one copy of our V4pro software and our MP3Converter to manage all metadata and to create any of the mirrored low resolution mp3 proxies for the system. The Web Portal then allows you to share any of your databases or portions thereof via a standard browser. As well, Web Portal users can create project lists that can be saved, recalled, and shared with other Web users. You can even email you lists to anyone else on the system or create instant Music Usage Reports/Cuesheets from your projects.   Like Soundminer V4, the Web Portal features compound boolean searching - Zero in on exactly what you are looking for, or browse through your various fields to find an item. The Web Portal is packed with Soundminer innovations like the Onepage Send, Drag and Drop lists, Waveform viewer, the Soundminer Spotting Panel, Full logging and administration panels, Cuesheeting, customizable columns and look, advanced sorting and much much more.....

Mobile Option:


Designed originally to help those will large music based catalogues to share them easily with a web browser, this product has grown into a formidable production tool used by many of the largest broadcast facilities in the world.  The Soundminer  Web Portal leverages our V4 technologies and easily allows facilities, studios, publishers and content creators to create easy access to their assets using simple browsers.  But the feature set is very advanced, allowing many of the search and database routines developed by Soundminer from within this easy to use environment.  Complete permission control by user or group, advanced metric collection and reporting, easy cue sheet creation for usage and advanced project and downloading features come standard.

Contact for pricing and info.

USERS:  New version 2.1 now available with a dozen new features.  Contact for info

Stay tuned for new product, Soundchute announcement....