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Upgrade your HD Plus

$100.00 USD
Upgrade your HD Plus

Upgrade your HD Plus

$100.00 USD

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*Catalina is not supported on this version.  An upcoming 64 bit version will be announced shortly.  See Compatibility bulletin.

This contains options for HD Plus owners. 

HDplus Universal - This option upgrades a single platform license to be 'universal' and be licensed to work on both platforms. For example, if you own a MAC licenses, buying this upgrade, will change your license so you can run on MAC or Windows.

HDplus ProPack - this option enables an extra set of features bringing it closer to our V5pro flaghsip.  Thos features are noted here: ProPack

HDplus Server - this option enables client server functionality so that HDplus can be used with Soundminer Server and share databases, and work over HTTP if desired.

HDplus Server&ProPack - this option enables both these modular options.

V5 Standard - this option converts your HDplus to our Standard V series platform.  For those who prefer our original interface and need closer communication with our V5Pro platform.

V5Pro - this option converts your HDplus to our flagship V series product.