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V5Pro (MAC)

$899.00 USD
V5Pro (MAC)

V5Pro (MAC)

$899.00 USD

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ILOK USER NOTE: We have moved to add support for iLok cloud. Unfortunately, this means that those with first generation iLok(the light blue one), the newest versions will not work.

V5Pro is a 64-bit advanced digital audio asset manager and search engine for Apple Macintosh operating systems 10.11 to 10.15+.

ILOK, HASP or Codemeter USB key authorization is necessary for this product. When adding the Codemeter option, a Codemeter key ($80) is added to your order and Shipping calculated at check out.  We no longer sell new HASP keys but continue to support them.  This product requires Mac intel processor with at least 4 GB of RAM.

V Series products are MAC only (do not support Windows OS).  To get dual OS platforms, please see our HD/HDplus line of products.

Soundminer V5Pro is our flagship product.   It is an advanced search engine, feature rich batch converter, extensive sound design tool, a project manager with advanced connectivity to many DAWs and an enriched metadata tool. It currently supports Apple OSX 10.11 to 11.x expanded field structure designed with both sound and music production in mind, new waveform editor, easy to use new Spotting Panel (Projects and transfers), 64 bit, Rewire and current version of Pro Tools, advanced metadata editing, advanced DSP and a lot more. V5Pro gives you multi-channel Rewire and multi-channel file support, Rewire transport options so you can control your DAW from within Soundminer, advanced Spotting Panel so you can add important project level data like ‘Scene’, ‘Reel’, ‘Spot’ info, VST & AudioUnit native plug-in support and re-record for building your own sound design, ability to change and modify your thesaurus, support for Soundminer Server connectivity and database and project sharing, Sync and ‘handles’ spotting features, and the Metatag Editor feature to make quick work of major metadata surgery.

V5Pro now includes another Soundminer first with its built-in Radium Sampler designed specifically for sound design, additional support for Dialogue work, new advanced left pane filter, initial cloud support, online manual and much more.

V5Pro also allows you to option in the Soundminer Server. Each license is for a single concurrent station only. Multiple concurrent users would require multiple licenses. The software can be copied to any computer but only launched with the required HASP, Codemeter, or ILOK USB keys attached.

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Product Comparison

Please note: V5Pro uses a new database paradigm and so embedding with your previous version is critical as the files will need to be rescanned under V5. Users are also given access to a 4.5pro version to help in the transition(10.9 minimum requirement).