V3LE to v4pro Upgrade

V3LE to v4pro Upgrade

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For Existing Users Only - v3LE to v4pro upgrade

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For existing owners of Soundminer LE.  This upgrade allows them to upgrade to v4pro. User must supply their HASP serial ID and/or their ILOK account to complete the order. The hasp serial ID* is visible in the preference window of their current v4 software. Since v3LE was a HASP only product, if a user chooses to move to ILOK**, they must also add the additional ILOK transfer fee ($35US).

*Please do not send us the codes printed on the key. These are manufacturing batch codes. If you cannot or do not have access to running your v3 software, then in the order note 'no access to id' when ordering. Select the ‘no shipping option’. There is no need to send your existing HASP key back to us to update the key - that key is what gets upgraded via a specialized applications that is sent to you(challenge/response). HASP only are required to be sent back if moving to ILOK.

**V4 now supports both ILOK and HASP authorizations. You can choose either but NOT both. Those of you with existing HASP keys, will be able to run both V3 and V4 with the upgrade should you remain on HASP. Those choosing ILOK, will only be able to run V4 software and higher and must return their HASP keys. There is a $35 per license transfer fee applied if switching from HASP to ILOK or vice versa. Also be aware that HASP keys when registered can be replaced, but ILOK keys if lost or stolen, require replacements to come from ILOK.

PLEASE NOTE:  this upgrade moves a user from v3 to v4.0.  A further upgrade is then required to move to v4.5

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