Also check the V4pro troubleshooting page.


Contact us with any support questions you may have. 

V4/V4pro Troubleshooting


*always provide your ilok user id or sales order number so we can search your license and provide a faster response.



Support For Soundminer Products

There are several resources available to the user: The v4/v4pro manual is built right into the programme's HELP menu. The  location for the HD/HD+ manual should be located in the original download email sent to you.  The SMXP manual is part of the install and can be found in the /data/help folder. And there are tutorial movies available by request.

Also check the V4pro troubleshooting page or the HD Troubleshooting page.

Looking for a newer version?  contact and please provide your sales order number or ilok user id.

*PLS NOTE: Turn of Apple virtual desktop 'Spaces' as this will block any spotting features for Pro Tools(other applications are nto affected).


What about Phone support?
Phone support is offered as part of our maintenance packages and requires a fee. Yearly support maintenance packages are available. Contact Server installations will be encouraged to adopt reasonable yearly maintenance fees that will include phone and WEB/VNC support. The fee will also include free software updates during the year. Individual license owners do not have to purchase support but will be required to pay for any phone support and or updates as needed. Email remains free and should get you the timely response we’re known for.

(please note that Version 3 products are no longer supported. To stay compatible with emerging features and systems you must upgrade to Version 4)

HASP HL network key installation :

Aladdin HASP key drivers can be found at

PACE ILok drivers can be found at: then select the driver for your platform

For those who need the Steinberg SKI, download it here.