Soundminer V4.5 Standard Edition

Soundminer V4.5 Standard Edition

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Quick Overview

The v4.5 Standard Edition takes the core features of v4.5pro and distills them into a less expensive package designed for sound editors. Minimum requirements: OSX 10.7 and a Macintosh intel processor with 2GB of RAM.

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Product Description

Advanced digital audio asset manager for Apple OSX 10.7 to 10.12. The v4.5 Standard Edition takes the core features of v4.5pro and distills them into a less expensive package designed for sound editors.   Whether you are working with sound effects or music, commercial or original files, SoundminerV4.5 allows you to have advanced control over your organizational structure, searching, tracking and transferring. V4.5 is much more than a search engine and it builds on advances made in Version 3 and 4. It now supports Apple OSX 10.12, expanded field structure designed with production music libraries in mind, new waveform editor, easy to use new Spotting Panel (Projects and transfers), easy import of Itunes, 64 bit Rewire and Pro Tools 11, simple metadata editing, multi-channel waveform display and a lot more. The v4.5 Standard edition is not a server product but you can use assets that are remotely connected. To have multiple clients connected to the same database, users must move to V4.5pro. Each license is for a single concurrent station only. Multiple concurrent users would require multiple licenses. The software can be copied to any computer but only launched with the required HASP or ILOK USB keys attached.

Take a quick look at the integration with Avid Pro Tools: click here

All new purchases will receive version 4.5 Standard Edition at this point.  10.7 and intel is now the minimum requirement.

4.5 Update includes:
- New 64 bit Rewire engine for PT11.
- New Scanner Code added (many times faster and now multi-threaded)
- New More robust embedding Code created
- New Database template code
- New advanced threaded Mirror code
- FLAC support on Mirror
- New Multi-channel Waveform Overview
- New Metadata handling and cache improvements.
- Better Mp4 support
- New searchable right-pane
- spotting panel improvements
- spring loaded editing and radar view
- iZotope 64 bit conversion

V4/V4pro - General Questions

How do I get my audio files to get all the extra metadata I see on the Soundminer website?
You have three basic methods: A) You can rip your sound effect audio CDs using Soundminer Ripper or B)You can receive prepared enriched files directly from the manufacturer. C)If you have v4/v4pro you can embed your own metadata, import text or import your Itunes library.*Miniminer cannot embed or modify metadata and cannot import text.

I have a competing product and want to switch to Soundminer....can it read my files?
Some competing asset managers embed data and if the data is in the OSX finder comment, sound designer II resource, broadcast wave BEXT chunk or the mp3 id tag containers, then Soundminer can read it in.

What are the differences between v4 and v4pro?  
See the FAQ section for a feature comparison chart

Can I get a demo?
click here Request a 30 day demo

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