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  1. Remote Server Installation - one time

    Remote Server Installation - one time


    For those who require extra help regarding the installation of a Soundminer Server product, they can add this option. We would then set up a remote connection to the server and through screensharing software install the components required. Learn More
  2. Custom Profile

    Custom Profile


    This upgrade allows users to request custom profiles to be used in their V4.5 and HD software. Each profile request needs to be quoted to see which level it fits into. Contact before purchasing. Learn More
  3. Ripper v4 for Mac(LEGACY)

    Ripper v4 for Mac(LEGACY)


    <p><strong>The product is discontinued and sold on a special basis 'as is' without warranty or return. </strong></p>
    <p><strong> </strong>SFX CD ripping software for Macintosh OS 10.4+ to 10.9.5. Soundminer Ripper contains a large metabase of the most popular SFX libraries complete with advanced metadata and artwork. It makes quick work of converting Audio CDs to enriched broadcast wave or aiff files with all the metadata and artwork embedded.</p> Learn More
  4. V3 to v4.5 Standard***

    V3 to v4.5 Standard***


    ***This is a special case only choice that allows v3 users to move to v4.5 Standard instead of v4.5pro. In order to select this you must have approval from someone at Soundminer Inc. Price includes the HASP to ILOK transfer fee required with older v3 software Learn More

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