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  1. Soundminer V4.5pro Mac OSX

    Soundminer V4.5pro Mac OSX


    V4pro 4.5 is an advanced digital audio asset manager and search engine for Apple Macintosh operating systems 10.9 to 10.13. ILOK or HASP USB key authorization is necessary for this product. Requires Mac intel processor with at least 2 GB of RAM. Learn More
  2. Soundminer V4.5 Standard Edition

    Soundminer V4.5 Standard Edition


    <p>The v4.5 Standard Edition takes the core features of v4.5pro and distills them into a less expensive package designed for sound editors. Minimum requirements: OSX 10.7 and a Macintosh intel processor with 2GB of RAM.</p> Learn More
  3. Ripper v4 for Mac(LEGACY)

    Ripper v4 for Mac(LEGACY)


    <p><strong>The product is discontinued and sold on a special basis 'as is' without warranty or return. </strong></p>
    <p><strong> </strong>SFX CD ripping software for Macintosh OS 10.4+ to 10.9.5. Soundminer Ripper contains a large metabase of the most popular SFX libraries complete with advanced metadata and artwork. It makes quick work of converting Audio CDs to enriched broadcast wave or aiff files with all the metadata and artwork embedded.</p> Learn More

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