What are USB Keys and what do they look like?

This is what an ILOK key looks like:

These keys are made by PACE AP (www.paceap.com or ILOK.com) and can be purchased locally at any pro audio reseller.  These keys hold multiple authorizations from different manufacturers.  They are designed for single User environments and are preferred by AVID's Pro Tools and their associated plug-ins.


This is what a HASP M1 Single User looks like:

These keys are also designed for single user environments but are manufacturer specific. In other words, they only hold licenses from one manufacturer and have to be programmed and shipped from the manufacturer so if purchasing this key type remember to factor in shipping costs and time.


This is a HASP network key:

This key type is designed to hold multiple licenses from one manufacturer adn operate on a local area network.  No usb keys are connected at the workstation (client) but instead ,  this one key holds all of the facility's license in one central (usually server) area.


Which key is right for me?

ILOK is best suited for single user environments where existing ILOK assets exist (ie. Pro Tools single user station).  HASP M1 single user keys may be a good option for those wishing to use the single user paradigm and as such have an easier replacement route over the ILOK should the key get lost or stolen.  And the HASP network key is ideally suited for facilities with several station and a desire to not add additional keys to the local USB ports.


What is an ILOK key and how do I get one?

ILOK is a USB key used for authorization of software.  ILOK keys are commonly used in many applications, including Digidesign’s Pro Tools.  ILOK keys can hold authorizations from many different manufacturers and can be purchased locally.  Once a user has purchased an ILOK key, they can register it for free at ILOK.com.  Once a user sets up an account, we can then deposit authorizations electronically.   To learn more visit ILOK.com


What happens if I lose my ILOK key?

Soundminer cannot replace licenses on lost or stolen ILOK keys.   ILOK.com does, however, offer some protection in such cases and where ILOk can verify the key has been disabled,  licenses can be replaced for a nominal charge.

Can I transfer my license from my HASP key to my ILOK or vice versa?

Yes.  There is a $35US per licenses charge for any transfers.  If moving from HASP to ILOK you must return your original HASP key within 30 days or you will be charged for another license.

What is a HASP key?

Like the ILOK key, HASP keys are USB software protection devices, sometimes called ‘dongles.’  HASP key are different than ILOK in that they come in two type - local(M1) or network versions and are unique to a given manufacturer.  HASP keys need to be purchased directly from Soundminer and each carry a specific serial ID.  The network version allows users to keep all their licenses centralized(on a server) so that individual dongles do not have to be hung off the local terminal.  They also offer the ability to share licenses across the network so when one station quits the programme that license becomes available to someone else on the same network.  Net keys come in Net10, Net50 and Net100 sizes

NET KEY NOTE: The number beside the key does NOT mean you necessarily have those many licenses.  It simply means the key can hold up to that number of licenses of any Soundminer product.  Purchasing a Net10 key, for example, still requires that you purchase ten Soundminer licenses in order to run 10 concurrent copies.  Buying a Net10 key and one license means only one person at any given time can run a copy of Soundminer

I lost my HASP key.  What do I do?

Each key is unique and should be registered when its received.  If the key is registered with us, you can buy a replacement key and license for $125US which includes shipping anywhere in the continental US and Canada....broken dongles need to be sent back to us. Overseas replacements will cost more for shipping.

Can I use my network key to obtain my license from the web?

YUP.  You cna set up a permanent server for your licenses and get your license via the internet without having to bring your key with you.  All you need to do is set up a computer to 'host' the key and to pass that communication past your firewall.  Not hard at all.  We can show you how.