Each desktop product is based on seat licensing. One license = one seat.

If you intend on buying desktop software then the following applies:  If you buy one license, only one computer at any given time can run the software. The software is installed on the local terminal, not the server. The files can be on a network provided the network is running gigabit or better. In this scenario(non server) the database (catalogue of what is in the database and where to find it) is stored locally on the client terminal. In cases where multiple licenses/users each have a non server desktop product, the databases are independent. Changes in one, are not seen in other terminals. Terminals have to be manually updated (copy a master DB from one to the rest of the clients). Because the Database is not centralized, this is considered a 'non server' environment even if you have a centralized storage area for all your files. A true server environment requires both the files and the Databases to be centralized. This, in our paradigm, requires either multiple V4pro/SMXP clients and SM server software or the Web Portal products. In other words, each client workstation that needs to run at the same time, requires a license of Soundminer v4pro(MAC) or SoundminerXP(Windows XP) and your central computer must be licensed for Soundminer Server (Basic or Enterprise).

If you intend on buying web portal software then the following applies: One MAC central computer on the network is fitted with the shared files, Soundminer v4pro software, mp3converter software and the web portal software (1 module) and the client terminals use a web browser to access the centralized database. No software apart from your preferred web browser needs to be on the client terminals. With one module of the web portal up to ten users can connect to the server at the same time. If you intend on allowing access from the worldwide web, then you need an outside fixed IP address and you should create mp3 low resolution proxy files for auditioning.  Trying to stream full bandwidth BWAV/AIFF is not possible with most internet speeds.

USB KEYS: In addition, each licenses requires a HASP or ILOK USB key. In cases where multiple licenses exist, a network key HASP can be used. Buying a Net10 key for example, does not include the Soundminer software licenses. NET KEY NOTE: The number beside the key does NOT mean you necessarily have those many licenses. It simply means the key can hold up to that number of licenses of any Soundminer product. Purchasing a Net10 key, for example, still requires that you purchase ten Soundminer licenses in order to run 10 concurrent copies. Buying a Net10 key and one license means only one person at any given time can run a copy of Soundminer