Desktop Products

Comparison at a Glance......

1.  HD Basic - $199US

  • HASP or ILOK authentication offered
  • excellent for searching, will read soundminer v4 metadata along with id3 tags and bwav bext data and unlimited databases.
  • Allows for editing of a file before transfer - so if you have a 4min ambinece but only want to bring in 30s into pro tools, it can quickly edit it and drag an edited copy into your target application.  Can playback AIF, WAV and mp3 files( not mp4). Limitations are: allows only one transfer at a time when converting, reads high resolution audio but transfers limited to 44 or 48khz/16 or 24bits, no rewire support and metadata editing limited to category and description field.  It will import text for full metadata importing.

2.  HD Plus - $399US (HASP or ILOK)

  • Can do all of the above but adds the following:
  • spot to timeline in Pro Tools
  • iZotope 64 bit conversion for higher quality transfers and faster
  • batch processing - so you can transfer multiples at a time, spot multiples as well into Pro Tools
  • more metadata options - you can write into any field and batch assign data to most fields.
  • Contains a simple Project area - so you can create folders to organize your projects before outputting them or for future organization. Contains import and export and remerge text options.

3.  Soundminer v4 Standard - $599US

  • HASP or ILOK support for this product, 
  • Supports rewire (2 channel), 
  •  has an advanced 10,000 thesaurus(not user modifiable), 
  • can read and transfer up to 6 channels wide 24bit -192khz files, 
  • supports playback of AIF, WAV, mp3, mp4(AAC), Flac, MXF, 
  • advanced waveform editor for accurate editing. 
  • more advanced project and metadata options than HD plus. 
  • Saves to both Soundminer v4 metadata chunk as well as BWAV BEXT and iTunes AIFF. 

4.  Soundminer v4pro - $899US

  • All of what is in v4 plus.....
  • supports 6 channel rewire
  • 10 channels of audio
  • can modify the user thesaurus
  • advanced regex control over metadata, along with advanced copy, append, prepend, find and replace functions
  • built in quicktime support so you can import a movie and spot directly as you are watching.
  • Rewire sync so you can synchronize the transport of your pro tools with Soundminer to see if a piece of music or design works with the session.
  • Built VST rack that allows you to stack up to 20 vst effects live as you design..
  • it has time compression and expansion of sound
  • Re-record feature
  • auto analysis of Key and BPM
  • MIDI support
  • AAF (single transfer support, plus option to add batch conversion support)
  • Server features(optional).
  • Support for 'handles' on file transfers..