Surround atmospheres and sound effects in a high end fashion.

Luftrausch royalty­free sound packs are all about natural and homogeneous ambiences and surround effects. Created with professional equipment, we provide authentic recordings in high definition.

We, Ingo Pusswald and Thomas Voglreiter, are sound designers and re­recording mixers in the field of film and television post­production. We share a passion for ‘sound on film’ and especially enjoy creating and designing sound atmospheres. With Luftrausch, we combined all our knowledge, thoughts and ideas concerning surround ambiences and created this high quality surround atmosphere library.

All recordings are carefully edited and re­recorded in an ITU calibrated dub stage.

24 bit / 96 kHz, bwav Surround (5.0), B­Format and Stereo Soundminer and bwav Metadata Unique artwork for each soundfile

Vienna, Austria


Ingo Pusswald, Thomas Voglreiter