Soundminer HD/HDplus/HDplus Server


Chances are that one or more of the databases you have is corrupted.  The databases are generally stored on your local boot drive and comprised of 4 files named the same but with different extensions:

(xxx.vdb,xxx.ind,xxx.dat, xxx.blb files)

Remove, delete or remove these files but make sure you have quit HD first!  In general, it is a good practice to make a copy of good databases as a backup so if you run into an issue, simply replacing old with new will get you back working quick.

Location of these files 

MAC:  ~/Library/SMData

*Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or higher hides the ~/Library directory by default. You may need to unhide it first.  To unhide user Library in Lion: Call up the Terminal(Application/Utilities) and enter in(or copy this) and hit RETURN:

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

Once the directory is viewable, you can remove any of the corrupted databases and relaunch.  Make sure anytime you are in this directory that the application is quit.

PC: entering this in the explorer window %APPDATA%\SMData opens up the SMData folder.
The SMData folder is usually hidden      c:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Soundminer




When the program crashes, you should get a prompt to send to apple or show details. You can show details and copy/paste this into an email to   If you want to retroactively send crash reports, use the finder and Go to menu. To go to this folder(copy/paste, make sure to include the ~)


Look for files with Soundminer in their name(they should be at the top when sorted by date modified). If the program is reliably crashing or locking up on a certain file, you can log what files are being scanned by doing the following... Go into preferences and turn logging on. When it fails, you'll find the log file inside...

~/Library/Logs/Soundminer/ Called SoundminerHDLog.txt


The directory is hidden by the operating system:

For example for Win 7 on our computer it is:

c:\Users\Justin Drury\AppData\Roaming\Soundminer


c:\Users\Justin Drury\AppData\Roaming\SMData

on XP its....

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Soundminer
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\SMData

The soundminer folder should have a log file.  If any assertions got thrown that would be the place they would be.

The SMData might have dmp files.

AUDIO monitoring

SM HD+ can have the output hardware run at any sample rate.  This is accessed in the 'Soundminer' menu and choosing Setup Output Device

If you show advanced settings, you'll see the output rate that the device is set too.

If this menu and the actual card are set differently, this can result in audio playing back incorrectly.  HD, in most cases, would change its hardware output automatically, but in some cases the system may register this change.  In that case, you'd have to manually ensure the sample rate matches.

*Be aware that AVID hardware is not multi-client.  This means you CANNOT route audio through the AVID hardware when Pro Tools is running.  You would have to set it to your internal card or a secondary interface.  Rewire is not supported on HD at this time.