Soundminer HD Announced!

Soundminer HD is a new lower cost product line that offers users modular feature options as well as the option to run it on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems.  The starting price for this product is only $199US and is packed with great Soundminer advances leveraged from our respected v4 engine.  If you thought Soundminer was great but too expensive, take a look at the new HD!

Shipping soon - slated for early Fall.



Soundminer HD - $199US. 

Basic package $199US - one platform (MAC or Windows) and features:

Supports Macintosh 10.5+ or Windows XP, Vista and System 7.  

Includes our advanced super fast robust V4 Search engine with support for boolean operators as well as alternative search options.  And it won’t crumble when enriched with thick advanced metadata like other systems!

Imports and reads multiple metadata formats as well as v4 databases.

Large  multi-channel waveform overview with ability to resize. Make an edit and drag that edit to your target!

New LaunchPad™ - 3D graphical search interface. Another Soundminer first!

Mark files as you audition and return them with one key!

Simple to use new GUI and Toolbar with everything only one touch away.

Detail Info pane with Live Link Searching and Artwork support.

Preset Database optimized for Music and Sound Effects.

Import iTunes library and playlists.

Live Filter Searching - instantly refine your results without entering a single keyword!

Play History - Keeps track of everything you audition.

Includes the V4 BACK and LOCK features.

New Lyric Search feature.

Support for Sound Output Devices

Intelligent Drag and drop a file from the interface to any application that supports it - ie.  Pro Tools, Nuendo, Final Cut, Reaper, Digital Performer, Sony Vegas, Sound Forge, Abelton Live, etc.

Simple drag and drop transfer

Metadata editing for the 'Description' field

Soundminer HD Universal - $299US

Upgrade to the Universal Edition and get support for both platforms on the same license for only $100 more. 


Soundminer HD Plus - $399US.

one platform (MAC or Windows) and features

With this option, your basic HD gets the following extra features:

Support for Pro Tools 8 Spot to Timeline support.

Support for AVID Media Composer.  Transfers dragged into the current Avid Bin get auto enriched with critical metadata. Another Soundminer first!

Support for Final Cut Pro - drag to the timeline or batch transfer right into your Project complete with metadata. Another Soundminer first!

Support for Logic 9, Soundtrack Pro, and Pyramix for Spot to Timeline.

Advanced Transfer Settings with user definable handles, sum to mono, remove illegal characters, and the new ‘intelligent’ file transfer option.

Multiple Database support - make as many as you want and have them instantly available. Import v4 Databases

Project Pane with unlimited folder hierarchy.  Organize your files just the way you want!

Supports Batch Transfers

Pitch Control on playback and transfers.

Powerful Copy and Convert engine  incorporates the industry's best 64-bit sample rate converter...iZotope's SRC™ - transfer speeds more than double in HD Plus.

Support for AAF file format.

Modify and Embed metadata to your files for all available fields!

V4 Advanced file naming algorithm support.

‘Library’ weighting.  Your favourites come up first!

Import V4 databases


Soundminer HD Universal - $499US

Upgrade to the Universal PLUS Edition and get support for both platforms on the same license for only $100 more.



I purchased Miniminer, do I have any options?

Of course.  First off, if you bought support, you can move to HD for just the cost to move from ILOK to our new system.  If you purchased Miniminer without support, you can convert your Miniminer license to HD for $50US plus any costs associated with moving off ILOK.  Offer good for 30 days after the release of HD Basic Edition. Miniminer users can now crossgrade to HD plus for $250.

I have Soundminer XP, do I have any options?

Any Soundminer XP user can convert their license to an HD Plus for Windows for $100 plus any associated costs in moving to our new system

What happens to v4 and v4pro?

HD doesn't replace either.  Instead it offers two lower cost alternatives.  These products continue to address the needs of users who require more advance monitoring, metadata and transcoding methodologies for Macintosh. Development is ongoing so look for new things in the coming year.....

 *product will require a HASP HL key (sold separately).  ILOK will not be supported for this product line.