Soundminer HDplus Server

Centralized Databasing for the HDplus platform

HDplus now offers the option to use Soundminer Server with its new offering  HD+ Server.  Any HD or HDplus client can be upgraded to HD+Server for just the difference in price.

This allows fully centralized databasing between HDplus Server clients Mac or PC.  Databases are completely cross-platform.  Make as many databases as you want be they local or server.

Databases can then take advantage of Soundminer’s optimized database technologies for fast searches.  Metadata changes made on one station are instantly visible in all other attached clients.  Enterprise level archiving and backup exist as does control over database access on a per client basis.

contact for more information on ordering, upgrading and installing.  This item is not available online.

HDplus server packages require HASP licensing network keys.

HDplus Server client(one platform) - $599

HDplus Server client(universal) - $699

HD lite server(1-5 connections) $500

HD Med Server (6-10 connections) $1000

HDplus server requires a Hasp network key