New to ILOK?

Here’s how to use the ILOK licensing system

An iLok is a special USB device that holds your licenses. In addition to having one of these USB devices, you must also have an account registered at  ILOK accounts are free.  If you do not already have an account, visit and click the ‘Sign up for a free account’ button.

So, assuming you have an account set up and are in possession of an ilok usb key, let’s begin.  You most likely have a newer generation 2 ilok key pictured below:

You may also have older generation 1 keys like these:

Both will work.  It is important to install the drivers for these devices and reboot your computer. Driver downloads can be found on the site:  Driver Downloads

After having made a purchase, we will deposit your license in your ilok account based on the USER ID supplied at the time of the order.  The USER ID is the name with which your log into your account.  Please be aware deposits are made manually during business hours.  You will receive a ‘welcome’ email that will contain confirmation of the deposit as well as the download information for the software and access to any tutorial movies available. Please keep this email for future reference.

Now that you have all the above information, connect your key to your computer and using a supported browser go to and log in using your USER ID and PASSWORD. 

When logging in, the ilok site will scan your computer for available connected ilok keys.  Once complete,  it will bring you into your account main area which may look a little like this:

Notice that on the left, the site recognizes my two attached ilok keys.  The main pane lists all the ilok keys registered to this user.  You can associate many ilok keys to one account.

You can click the ‘Download Licenses’ button in the left menu or click the ‘Download to ILOK’ button on the main screen.  This will display any pending licenses deposited by a manufacturer.  Your new Soundminer license should be visible here. Click the checkbox for any license you wish to transfer to an attached ilok USB key:

Then go to the bottom of the page and make sure the usb key to which you want the checked license transferred is selected:

Now click the DOWNLOAD TO ILOK button.  The site will again communicate with your attached ilok. 

Do not remove your usb key.  After a few seconds it should confirm the action and your license is now ready to use.

Some Troubleshooting tips:

  • If you get  ‘Dongle Not Found’ alert, your driver may not be installed correctly or you may be trying to launch a version of the application that does not match your license.
  • Make sure the USB key is lit.
  • Check the key for any damage
  • If using a USB hub and you get errors or alerts, try moving the USB key to an available USB slot on the computer.