About 2 months ago Eurotrash Collective were embarking upon a mission to re-record a track by eleven year old child pop singing prodigy, Ricky Susie. The track was already recorded mixed and mastered but seeing as his voice is ever changing in his pre-teen years we had decided to capture the performance again. It was also agreed to do a re-vamp and edit of the song itself.

 For the life of us we could not find the original audio. A hundred missing file dialog's later and the crew were getting a little nervous. Our previously unshakeable confidence had taken a big thump to the proverbial goolies.

 Enter HD+. Talk about a last minute rescue – the genius egghead boffins over at Soundminer showed us how to set up an ad-hoc index of ALL our HDD's and before you could say “Bob's your Uncle” (but no one ever told me...) we had each and every sample back on deck.

 After this last minute save we were then able to tag all the different mixes and versions by literally burning the associated metadata into the files (unbelievably this includes artwork) and now we're tagging and burning in metadata across our entire library to keep track of all our samples and mixes – especially the record company stuff.

 A simply phenomenal program that no serious production house should be without.

 Baby Brown and Steve Walker

(Grammy Nominated Producers)